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Saul Landau

Saul Landau's books for sale on Amazon

Saul Landau's films are available through Round World Productions

Saul Landau's 1968 Film "Fidel" is available from Microcinema International DVD

Roxie Award

New Film We Don't Play Golf Here--and other stories of globalization
Wins Roxie Award for Best Activist Video October 2007

"A clear eyed, unexpected and important book look at our Mexican nieghbor." – Gore Vidal

We are sad to announce the loss of Saul Landau. He passed away the evening of September 9th surrounded by family.

We are planning to archive and disseminate Saul's work. You can donate via paypal (see button below) or you can send a check to

Greg Landau
c/o IPS
1112 16th St. NW, Suite 600
Washington DC 20036

Saul Landau was an internationally known scholar, author, commentator, and filmmaker who worked for forty years on social, political, and human rights issues. Landau produced over forty films, and won several awards, including an Emmy for "Paul Jacobs and the Nuclear Gang" and the Edgar Allan Poe Award for Assassination on Embassy Row, an investigation into the 1976 murders of Chilean Ambassador Orlando Letelier and his colleague, Ronni Moffitt. Landau wrote fourteen books his latest book puplished a month before his passing, "Stark in the Bronx" a murder mystery.

He won the George Polk Award for Investigative Reporting, the First Amendment Award, and the Letelier-Moffitt Human Rights Award. In 2008, the Chilean government presented him with the Bernardo O'Higgins Award for his human rights work, and the Cuban government gave him the "Amistad" award in 2013.

Gore Vidal once said, "Saul Landau is a man I love to steal ideas from"


Landau and SubComandante Marcos
Saul Landau and Sub-Comandante in Chiapas, Mexico


Wexler and Landau on location
Saul Landau and Academy Award winner Haskel Wexler on location in Chiapas, Mexico

Landau and C.
Saul Landau and C. Writght Mills, 1962
Photo by Lillian Tonnaire Taylor. Courtesy Kate Mills


Landau in Cuba
Fidel Castro, Saul Landau, Peace Corps officials Frank Mankiewicz and Kirby Jones, 1974

landau, manley
Saul Landau signs his book for Jamaican Prime Minister, Michael Manley

o'higgins award
Saul Landau receives the Bernardo O'Higgins Award, 2008

heyden, landau,

From left: Salvador Carrasco, Tom Hayden, Saul Landau, and Paco Ignacio Taibo II at the Track 16 Gallery in Santa Monica


Saul Landau's Awards

  • Bernardo O’Higgins Award for Human Rights

  • Letelier-Moffit Human Rights Award

  • George Polk Award for Investigative Reporting

  • First Amendment Award

  • Emmy Award

  • Roxie Award for Best Activist Video

  • Hugh Hefner First Amendment Award

  • Mannheim Film Festival: Critics' First Prize

  • Ann Arbor Film Festival Fiirst Prize

  • Berlin Film Festival First Prize

  • Best Director Award First American Indian Intercontinental Film Festival

  • Golden Apple Award

  • Best Picture North Carolina Smoky Mountain Film Festival


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